RENALTRACT/EURenOmics meeting – Paris, 9-13 May 2016

Paris welcomed RENALTRACT ESRs, PIs and Scientific Advisory Board from 9 to 13 May 2016 as for RENALTRACT General Assembly, Fellow Supervisory Panels, Fellow’s Board, Supervisory Board and a final lecture session from the SAB. Participants were also invited to attend to FP7 EU project EURenOmics and to interact with their members. The agenda was followed in a very productive atmosphere.

A number of suggestions were formulated as for the organisation of individual projects and for students projects for next meetings in Glasgow in June 2016 and RENALTRACT International symposium in 2018. General update on the project (organisation of short-course, exploitation and dissemination of results and budget breakdown) was made at this occasion. EURenOmics meeting was an opportunity to exchange and to broach different approaches in drosophilia model, bioinformatics and data management.

Finally, RENALTRACT students were honored to be invited at the City Hall of Paris with Mr. Hermano Sanches Ruivo, Europe delegate to the City of Paris.


Agenda: RENALTRACT EURenOmics meeting – Agenda

18th May 2016