RENALTRACT Workshop 3 & mid-term meeting – Marseille, France – 23-24 March 2017

Last RENALTRACT Young Researchers Training Workshop was held in Marseille back-to-back with the mid-term meeting on 23rd and 24th March 2017. The first seminar from Dr. Charlotte Dean (Imperial College of London) was dedicated to “Polarity proteins in branching morphogenesis” and the second was from Bianca Habermann (CNRS/IBDM) on “mitoXplorer: exploring mitochondrial functions in development and disease”. These two sessions have raised a lot of questions among students and exchanges took place between speakers, PIs and the ESRs. A poster session and a meeting on the organisation of the International Symposium were closing the first day of meeting.

Then took place the mid-term meeting with the Expert Reviewer appointed by the European Commission in order to review the network progress both on scientific and training parts. After a short tour-de-table, the coordinator’s report presented the review of progress on scientific, training, networking and management levels. A poster session and oral presentation was made by the students. After a closed session between the students and the Expert Reviewer, the latter has formulated his conclusions. He was very satisfied by the organisation of the network and the scientific progress of the students.


Agenda: RENALTRACT Young Researchers Workshop and mid-term meeting – 22-25 March 2017 – Agenda


28th March 2017