RENALTRACT Short-Course 2 “Science values and research responsibilities” – Bidart, France – 12-16 June 2017

The second RENALTRACT Short-Course was held in Bidart, France from 12 to 16 June 2017. The main theme was « Science values and research responsibilities ».

The first session (12/06/17) focused on « Science, norms and values » and the ESRs were asked to compare and share their vision of values in their research environment. A discussion took place between the students in order to raise main issues and analyse the outcomes.

The second day (13/06/17) was dedicated to enhance and implement good practices in science. A work in small groups was focusing on the misconducts in science and how to better link science and society. Several individual and group exercices took place with the support of documentation such as texts, manifesto, articles and data.

The two following days (14/06 and 15/06/17) were focused on the construction of graphical abstracts. After a brief presentation on the importance of producing graphical abstracts and how to build them, the ESRs worked individually to build their own graphical abstract according to their project. During these days, they were continously helped by the Atelier des Jours à Venir experts. After the creation of these graphical abstracts, a debrief session was held to analyse and compare the different asbtracts all together.

The final day (16/06/17) was dedicated to the implementation of concrete measures to implement in their project and their scientific environment. Many ideas from individual and team works were raised and a final comparison was made between initial values and norms and concrete measures to apply in the project.


21st June 2017