RENALTRACT Short-Course 1 “Transferable Skills” – Paris, 5-9 September 2016

The summer was about to end in Paris when RENALTRACT held its first Short-Course on the theme “Transferable Skills”. With strong support of our partner MyScienceWork, first day was dedicated to bring tools in scientific communication and e-reputation to the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). It was followed the second day by lectures on ethics, scientific integrity and commerce and entrepreneurship with the courtesy of Mr. Samuel Arrabal (Agence de la Biomédecine), Mr. Hervé Maisonneuve, Mr. Peter Neville Goodfellow and Ms. Petra Zürbig (Mosaiques Diagnostics).

Afterwards, the Short-Course focused on the intervention of our partner NIKON in introducing different techniques in microscopy. Various technical and pratical views were shared by Ms. Sandrine Batard, Ms. Hélène Delobel, Ms. Lucie Sengmanivong and Mr. Jordan Moser on techniques such as STED, N-SIM and Storm applications.

Next RENALTRACT Short-Course will be organised in June 2017 with the collaboration of our partner Atelier des Jours à Venir.

See you very soon!


Agenda: RENALTRACT Short-Course 1 – Agenda


14th September 2016