Nephrogenesis Workshop & RENALTRACT International Conference – 11-13 April 2018

The last meeting of RENALTRACT project took place in Manchester, UK from 11 to 13 April 2018. The first day was dedicated to the UK Nephrogenesis Workshop, an event that is organised for more than 20 years now and gathered specialists in the field. Two Early Stage Researchers from RENALTRACT intervened in this Workshop, Irene Sanchez Martin (ESR 6 in Marseille) and Pauli Tikka (ESR 8 in Heidelberg). The second and third days focused on the RENALTRACT International Conference on Developmental Nephrology and Future Therapies. All the ESRs were highly involved in the organisation of this meeting on all matters linked to this conference. They all presented their project and their work in line with RENALTRACT. This was also a room for discussion and raised high level exchanges between the ESRs and the worldwide known scientists and experts in the field.


17th April 2018