Meet Our ESR – ESR 9 – Pedro MAGALHAES

Here is now a portrait from Portugal introducing Pedro (ESR 9) that will work under supervision of Petra Zuerbig in Mosaiques:


“My name is Pedro Magalhães, and I´m from Portugal. I obtained my Bachelor degree in Genetics and Biotechnology at University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), which I completed in 2012. Afterwards, I decided to continue my academic training in the same institution, with a Master Degree in Biotechnology for Health Science (2015). My master’s thesis was entitled “Identification and sequencing of acetylase expressed from the pMdT1 recombinant plasmid in Escherichia coli”, where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gilberto Igrejas. This project was developed at UTAD and at Faculty of Science and Technology Nova University of Lisbon, and the main aim was focused on proteomics and antibiotic resistance.
It is an honour for me to be part of the Renaltract project, and I believe that this project has everything a student needs to change perspectives and shape ideas into something innovative and meaningful. As Renaltract ESR9 at the Mosaiques Diagnostics GmbH of Hannover, the ultimate goal will be to identify Renal tract malformations (RTM) related peptide biomarkers in urine.”