Here is our first portrait introducing Irene who will work under supervision of Laurent Fasano (CNRS/IBDM) in Marseille


“I´m Irene Sánchez and I´m Spanish (from Madrid). I studied Veterinary Medicine and by then I already showed a high interest on working in international environments, which brought me to an stage in the Helsinki University, where I got clinical and chirurgical formation. During my studies I also saw it clear, that although I enjoyed the contact with the clinic, I wanted to develop my career as a researcher. This certitude was (if possible) confirmed during my 3 years at Laboklin, the leader laboratory for veterinary clinical analysis in Germany. I arrived there thanks to a Leonardo da Vinci grant and I was hired after finishing the project, having the great opportunity of enhancing my knowledge and skills on all lab lines, especially biochemistry, cell culture, serology and molecular biology.
After those great three years I decided to continue my formation and I returned to Madrid to make a Master in Virology at the Universidad Complutense. My objective was to refresh and improve concepts in the field of molecular medicine, as well as enlarging my network in the area where I want to develop my career. I had the pleasure of making my master thesis in the field of Hepatitis C with Dr Esteban Domingo, in the CBM-CSIC. After finishing the Master I was hired as senior researcher by Dr. Lluis Montoliu in the CNB-CSIC, where I´ve been working in genetics with animal models.
It is for me a privilege to be part of the RENALTRACT Project. With its structure and organization, and with the high level of the its members, it is surely to achieve very important and useful results.”

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