Meet Our ESR – ESR 3 – Laura GOEA

She is from Romania and will study in CNRS/UPMC under supervision of Muriel Umbhauer , we are happy to introduce Laura Goea (ESR 3):

“My name is Laura Goea and I’m from Uricani, a small city in southern Transylvania, Romania.
I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Cluj-Napoca Romania where I worked for 1 year on Cyanobacteria under the supervision of Dr. Druga Bogdan. Throughout extensive lab experiments we showed for the first time that a poorly known cyanobacteria species (Coelomoron pusillum) is able to produce toxins (hepatotoxins). Following this, I obtained my Master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Here, I had the opportunity to be part of the Epithelial polarity and cancer group, Department of Developmental and Cellular Differentiation belonging to the National Center of Molecular Biology “Severo Ochoa, Spain. My project was focused mainly on Notch signaling pathway, where I worked under the supervision of Dr. Belmonte Fernando.
It is a privilege for me to be part of the RENALTRACT Project where along with the opportunities for my intellectual and professional growth I will have the possibility to meet and work with people of the host country and others from around the world, sharing professional and creative insights.”



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