Meet Our ESR – ESR 2 – Vladimir KOZLOV

We are glad to present you Vladimir (ESR2), who will work under supervision of Andreas Schedl at the University of Nice:


“I’m Vladimir Kozlov and I come from Moscow, the capital of Russia. I completed 5 years of undergraduate education in Moscow State University and received the diploma of Biochemistry specialist. During this time, I worked on my undergraduate thesis in the prof. P.G. Georgiev’s lab (Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow) under the supervision of Dr. O.G. Maksimenko. My research focused on the regulatory proteins in the nucleus of Drosophila melanogaster, specifically the discovery aof interaction between insulator binding protein CTCF and one of the Polycomb group proteins, Su(z)2. I consider this period as being foundational in my path as a scientist, building up essential skills and adapting to the lab routine.
My first international experience was an Amgen Scholars program in Munich, Germany. I spent two months studying a chromatin protein HP1 using mass-spectrometry, and presented the results of the project at a poster presentation in Cambridge. This episode inspired me to apply for PhD positions abroad. I contacted Dr. Andreas Schedl after I’ve found the description of the proposed Renaltract project in his lab – it is novel enough for me that I became intrigued by it, yet my previous experience as a molecular biologist would be useful. As a Renaltract ESR at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (Nice, France), I will study the molecular pathways that regulate early kidney development in mice, focusing on the Sox11 regulatory protein and its downstream targets in renal stem cells.”