Meet Our ESR – ESR 12 – Gunjan PANDEY



Last portrait is leading us in Germany where Gunjan (ESR12) will work under joint supervision of Franz Schaefer (University-Hospital of Heidelberg) and Jochen Gehrig (Acquifer):


“I am Gunjan. I did my Bachelor in Biotechnology in India. After that I moved to Finland to pursue Masters degree in Nanoscience with a major of Cell and Molecular Biology. Relocating from the tropical plains to the land of midnight sun was a stimulating experience. The magnitude of change was similar to the change in my thesis subject from studying the behavior of ants in Bachelors to assessing cells’ pyrophosphate content in Masters. I also interned for few months in the field of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-C (VEGF-C) participating in lymphangiogenesis followed by analyzing cell apoptosis pathways utilizing Lysosomal Associated Membrane Proteins-2 (LAMP-2). During my Masters, I explored several aspects of science ranging from miniscule carbon nanotubes to chaotic cancer cells.
For my Doctoral studies, I am thankful to RENALTRACT program for providing me the wonderful opportunity to work on kidney malformations in the University of Heidelberg and Acquifer, Germany under the able supervision of Prof Franz Schaefer and Dr Jochen Gehrig. I will be mainly involved in drug screening and candidate gene analysis in cystic kidney diseases. For this project zebrafish will serve as the model organism.”