Meet Our ESR – ESR 11 – Saurav GHIMIRE


It is time to travel and to meet Saurav (ESR11) that is joining Julian Dow’s team in Glasgow:


“My name is Saurav Ghimire from Nepal. I completed my schooling in my home town Nepalganj, which is in Western Nepal. I completed my Bachelors in Pharmacy (B.Pharmacy) at Pokhara University, one of the leading Institute in Pharmacy in Nepal from 2007-2011. During this time I got a chance to enhance my skills in medicine and experiments in both in-vivo and in-vitro efficacy studies. After graduation, I worked as a Registered Pharmacist for seven months in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

I went to South Korea for my masters as a Korean Government Scholar in 2012. During this period I got an opportunity to work under Prof. Mansu Kim at Department of Pharmacy, Inje University mainly focusing on aging research using the fruit fly (Drosophila Melanogaster) as an experimental model. Over a period of two years, I was able to learn in depth about molecular mechanisms of aging, various evaluation techniques and the reason for the physiological changes in the flies.

After graduating my masters in August 2015, I was selected as an Early Stage Researcher as part of the RENALTRACT research project. As part of this, I will be completing my PhD at the University of Glasgow under Professor. Julian Dow. For my doctoral studies, my research will be mainly focused in metabolomics, informatics as well as physiological assays and morphological analysis. I will be studying simple models for nephrolithiasis and renal sequelae of inborn errors of metabolism.”

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