Meet Our ESR – ESR 1 – Zenglai TAN

It is now time to go outside Europe and to meet Zenglai Tan (ESR1) from China, who will work at University of Oulu under supervision of Seppo Vainio:


“I am Zenglai Tan, who is from Jiangxi province, a place in the south of China. I learned Biotechnology in Hebei Normal University and got my Bachelor degree in 2012. Then I began my study of the master phase in the Capital Normal University, Beijing. After I finished the master courses, I went to Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), Jena, Germany to do my master thesis as an exchange student in August 2013. I was mainly engaged in the zebrafish work, trying to identify and characterize the Wilms tumor suppressor gene 1 (Wt1) target genes in zebrafish kidney development. I completed my master thesis’ work and got the degree in the July of 2015. It is my honor to work as a part of the RENALTRACT Project. And also it’s my pleasure to continue my research work on the kidney. As Renaltract ESR1 in the University of Oulu, I will study on analysis of the fundamental cellular and molecular control mechanisms of the nephrogenesis.”

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