RENALTRACT Workshop 1 “Ex vivo”

Day 1: “ESRs’ two-­‐slide presentations” (presenting him/herself, presenting his/her Individual Research Project) / Lectures by Seppo Vainio “Opening and overview of organogenesis control
mechanisms”; Ilya Skovorodkin “Ex vivo tissue engineering and imaging technologies”; Timo Pikkarainen “Biochemical approaches to assay organogenesis”; Aki Manninen “Viral technologies for
genetic engineering”; Jingdong Shan “Gene targeting in cell culture”; Ulla Saarela “Growth factors in cell fate maintenance”; Genevieve Bart “Sensors in biomedicine”.
Days 2-­‐3: Hands-­‐on course on how to dissect the mouse embryonic kidney at different developmental stages, making OPT, whole mount staining, in situ hybridization, and tissue manipulating technologies.


Agenda: Agenda – Workshop 1 Oulu