RENALTRACT Short-course 2 “Science values & research responsibilities”

AJA will organise and provide 4-day training sessions for the ESRs, to help them becoming active and responsible members of the research communities (adopt a responsible research practice, detect, prevent & manage misconducts), and developing creative approaches of science communication (blog, radio, visual representations…).

Day 1: “Diversifying & analysing modelling practices in biology”: ESRs will explore how to approach their experimental data with a diversity of models, analyse the scope and significance of modelling approaches, and develop ways to communicate about models.

Day 2: “Participatory and responsible approaches of science communication”: ESRs will learn how to foster empowerment & participation of the public in scientific events, and how to share with the public the norms and values that shape scientific research communities.

Day 3: “Scientific literacy: extend your expression toolkit”: ESRs will explore how literacy skills are intertwined with research practice (interpretation, representation, communication…), and create personal ways to share their research project both with scientists and citizens.

Day 4: “Strengthening integrity and responsible practices in research”: ESRs will explore how the academic community currently deals with integrity and responsibility issues, and they will reflect upon their own experience to develop initiatives to promote responsible practices.


Agenda: RENALTRACT Short-course 2 Science values and research responsibilities – 12-16 June 2017 – final agenda