RENALTRACT Short-Course 1 “Transferable skills”

Day 1: MSW will co-organise (with CNRS) and provide 2 training sessions (4 hours each) for the ESRs. They will focus on communication skills, complementing adequately the core RENALTRACT technical/scientific training for the ESRs, on the themes “e-reputation” and “Scientific communication on the web”.

Day 2: Seminars, given by

  • Samuel Arrabal (from « Agence de la Biomédecine ») on the “Bioethic laws”.
  • Hervé Maisonneuve on “Scientific integrity”
  • Prof. Peter Neville Goodfellow (specialist of Human Genetics, Consultant of Syntaxin Ltd., Scientific Advisor to Abingworth Life Science Investments (a venture capital firm), Senior Vice President of Discovery Research at GlaxoSmithKline, former Balfour Professor of Genetics at the University of Cambridge (1992-1996)), on the theme “Routes to a career in academic science and industry”.

Dr.Petra Zürbig (MOS) will give a course on the theme “Commerce and entrepreneurship” from their R&D department in Hannover (Web seminar), to provide the ESRs with valuable education in entrepreneurship skills, intellectual property rights, patenting, commercialisation and research findings exploitation, while increasing their scientific and technological knowledge and innovation through the interaction with the academic partners.

Days 3, 4 and 5: NIKON will present techniques on fluorescence, deconvolution, image analysis, confocal, optics, multiphoton and spinning disk and will provide technical and practical courses on these themes.


Agenda: RENALTRACT Short-Course 1 – Agenda (2)