New publication at Acquifer with RENALTRACT ESR Gunjan Pandey as first author

New publication at Acquifer entitled “A Smart Imaging Workflow for Organ-Specific Screening in a Cystic Kidney Zebrafish Disease Model” has been published with RENALTRACT Early Stage Researcher Gunjan Pandey being the first author. More information to be found here: 15th March 2019

New publication in collaboration between 2 RENALTRACT ESRs at Mosaiques Diagnostics and UPMC

New publication entitled “Urinary proteome signature of Renal Cysts and Diabetes syndrome in children” with Pedro Magalhães (Mosaiques Diagnostics) and Pierbruno Ricci (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) as first authors has been released in Scientific Reports. Here is the abstract: Renal Cysts and Diabetes Syndrome (RCAD) is an autosomal dominant disorder caused by mutations […]

New article at the University of Oulu

“Embryonic Stem Cells Derived Kidney Organoids as Faithful Models to Target Programmed Nephrogenesis” is the title of a new publication by the team of Seppo Vainio (RENALTRACT Principal Investigator) and Zenglai Tan (ESR 1) at the University of Oulu. “We present protocol of generation of kidney organoid from mouse embryonic stemcell. The organoid can be […]

Three publications at Mosaiques Diagnostics

Three articles were recently published by Petra Zürbig (RENALTRACT Principal Investigator) and Pedro Magalhães (ESR 9) at Mosaiques Diagnostics. In the first two articles “Association of kidney fibrosis with urinary peptides: a path towards non-invasive liquid biopsies?” and “Comparison of Urine and Plasma Peptidome Indicates Selectivity in Renal Peptide Handling, they were main contributors while […]

Nephrogenesis Workshop & RENALTRACT International Conference – 11-13 April 2018

The last meeting of RENALTRACT project took place in Manchester, UK from 11 to 13 April 2018. The first day was dedicated to the UK Nephrogenesis Workshop, an event that is organised for more than 20 years now and gathered specialists in the field. Two Early Stage Researchers from RENALTRACT intervened in this Workshop, Irene […]

RENALTRACT Short-Course 2 “Science values and research responsibilities” – Bidart, France – 12-16 June 2017

The second RENALTRACT Short-Course was held in Bidart, France from 12 to 16 June 2017. The main theme was « Science values and research responsibilities ». The first session (12/06/17) focused on « Science, norms and values » and the ESRs were asked to compare and share their vision of values in their research environment. A discussion took place [...]

2 scientific publications from ESR 9 Pedro Magalhães in Mosaiques Diagnostics

Pedro Magalhães (ESR9 in Mosaiques Diagnostics) has recently collaborated in 2 publications: “Urinary proteomics using capillary electrophoresis coupled to mass spectrometry for diagnosis and prognosis in kidney diseases” (Pedro Magalhães, Harald Mischak and Petra Zürbig) and “Urinary biomarkers for renal tract malformations”  (Pedro Magalhães, Joost P. Schanstra, Emma Carrick, Harald Mischak and Petra Zürbig).   […]

RENALTRACT Workshop 3 & mid-term meeting – Marseille, France – 23-24 March 2017

Last RENALTRACT Young Researchers Training Workshop was held in Marseille back-to-back with the mid-term meeting on 23rd and 24th March 2017. The first seminar from Dr. Charlotte Dean (Imperial College of London) was dedicated to “Polarity proteins in branching morphogenesis” and the second was from Bianca Habermann (CNRS/IBDM) on “mitoXplorer: exploring mitochondrial functions in development [...]

RENALTRACT Short-Course 1 “Transferable Skills” – Paris, 5-9 September 2016

The summer was about to end in Paris when RENALTRACT held its first Short-Course on the theme "Transferable Skills". With strong support of our partner MyScienceWork, first day was dedicated to bring tools in scientific communication and e-reputation to the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). It was followed the second day by lectures on ethics, scientific [...]