RENALTRACT/EURenOmics meeting – Paris, 9-13 May 2016

Paris welcomed RENALTRACT ESRs, PIs and Scientific Advisory Board from 9 to 13 May 2016 as for RENALTRACT General Assembly, Fellow Supervisory Panels, Fellow's Board, Supervisory Board and a final lecture session from the SAB. Participants were also invited to attend to FP7 EU project EURenOmics and to interact with their members. The agenda was [...]

RENALTRACT Workshop 1 “Ex vivo” in Oulu – March 2016

In snowy region of Lapland, RENALTRACT held its first workshop in Oulu, Finland from 7 to 11 March 2016. The agenda was followed in a productive and interactive atmosphere. It was the occasion for the students to meet up for the first time, to have presentation of their student path and their project, to attend [...]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 12 – Gunjan PANDEY

    Last portrait is leading us in Germany where Gunjan (ESR12) will work under joint supervision of Franz Schaefer (University-Hospital of Heidelberg) and Jochen Gehrig (Acquifer):   “I am Gunjan. I did my Bachelor in Biotechnology in India. After that I moved to Finland to pursue Masters degree in Nanoscience with a major of […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 8 – Pauli TIKKA

  We are very happy to introduce Pauli (ESR 8), who joined Franz Schaefer’s team in Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany:   “I am Pauli Tikka from Finland. I obtained my two Master of Science degrees (in the Energy Engineering and Biotechnology) from one of the leading universities in Finland; Aalto University and University of […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 5 – Jaskiran KAUR

Time is to discover Jaskiran’s portrait (ESR5), who will work under supervision of Andreas Kispert in Medical School of Hannover:   “I am Jaskiran Kaur from India. I obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree (Biotechnology) from one of the leading university of Punjab; India, which I completed during 2009-2014. My master’s thesis was entitled “In-silico […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 9 – Pedro MAGALHAES

Here is now a portrait from Portugal introducing Pedro (ESR 9) that will work under supervision of Petra Zuerbig in Mosaiques:   “My name is Pedro Magalhães, and I´m from Portugal. I obtained my Bachelor degree in Genetics and Biotechnology at University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), which I completed in 2012. Afterwards, I […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 2 – Vladimir KOZLOV

We are glad to present you Vladimir (ESR2), who will work under supervision of Andreas Schedl at the University of Nice:   “I’m Vladimir Kozlov and I come from Moscow, the capital of Russia. I completed 5 years of undergraduate education in Moscow State University and received the diploma of Biochemistry specialist. During this time, […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 11 – Saurav GHIMIRE

  It is time to travel and to meet Saurav (ESR11) that is joining Julian Dow’s team in Glasgow:   “My name is Saurav Ghimire from Nepal. I completed my schooling in my home town Nepalganj, which is in Western Nepal. I completed my Bachelors in Pharmacy (B.Pharmacy) at Pokhara University, one of the leading […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 1 – Zenglai TAN

It is now time to go outside Europe and to meet Zenglai Tan (ESR1) from China, who will work at University of Oulu under supervision of Seppo Vainio:   “I am Zenglai Tan, who is from Jiangxi province, a place in the south of China. I learned Biotechnology in Hebei Normal University and got my […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 7 – Filipa LOPES

A new student is joining Adrian Woolf’s team at University of Manchester, her name is Filipa Lopes (ESR 7) and she is from Portugal:   “I am Filipa, from Vila Real, a lovely city in the North of Portugal. I have a first degree in Biology, concluded in 2012 at the University of Trás-os.-Montes e […]