Meet Our ESR – ESR 8 – Pauli TIKKA

  We are very happy to introduce Pauli (ESR 8), who joined Franz Schaefer’s team in Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany:   “I am Pauli Tikka from Finland. I obtained my two Master of Science degrees (in the Energy Engineering and Biotechnology) from one of the leading universities in Finland; Aalto University and University of […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 5 – Jaskiran KAUR

Time is to discover Jaskiran’s portrait (ESR5), who will work under supervision of Andreas Kispert in Medical School of Hannover:   “I am Jaskiran Kaur from India. I obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree (Biotechnology) from one of the leading university of Punjab; India, which I completed during 2009-2014. My master’s thesis was entitled “In-silico […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 9 – Pedro MAGALHAES

Here is now a portrait from Portugal introducing Pedro (ESR 9) that will work under supervision of Petra Zuerbig in Mosaiques:   “My name is Pedro Magalhães, and I´m from Portugal. I obtained my Bachelor degree in Genetics and Biotechnology at University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), which I completed in 2012. Afterwards, I […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 2 – Vladimir KOZLOV

We are glad to present you Vladimir (ESR2), who will work under supervision of Andreas Schedl at the University of Nice:   “I’m Vladimir Kozlov and I come from Moscow, the capital of Russia. I completed 5 years of undergraduate education in Moscow State University and received the diploma of Biochemistry specialist. During this time, […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 11 – Saurav GHIMIRE

  It is time to travel and to meet Saurav (ESR11) that is joining Julian Dow’s team in Glasgow:   “My name is Saurav Ghimire from Nepal. I completed my schooling in my home town Nepalganj, which is in Western Nepal. I completed my Bachelors in Pharmacy (B.Pharmacy) at Pokhara University, one of the leading […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 1 – Zenglai TAN

It is now time to go outside Europe and to meet Zenglai Tan (ESR1) from China, who will work at University of Oulu under supervision of Seppo Vainio:   “I am Zenglai Tan, who is from Jiangxi province, a place in the south of China. I learned Biotechnology in Hebei Normal University and got my […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 7 – Filipa LOPES

A new student is joining Adrian Woolf’s team at University of Manchester, her name is Filipa Lopes (ESR 7) and she is from Portugal:   “I am Filipa, from Vila Real, a lovely city in the North of Portugal. I have a first degree in Biology, concluded in 2012 at the University of Trás-os.-Montes e […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 3 – Laura GOEA

She is from Romania and will study in CNRS/UPMC under supervision of Muriel Umbhauer , we are happy to introduce Laura Goea (ESR 3): “My name is Laura Goea and I’m from Uricani, a small city in southern Transylvania, Romania. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Cluj-Napoca Romania where I worked for 1 year on […]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 10 – Pierbruno RICCI

  Let's now have a look towards Paris and our Italian PhD student working in Silvia Cereghini's team at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Pierbruno Ricci (ESR 10)   "I’m Pierbruno Ricci and I’m Italian (from Chieti, a small city in the Abruzzo region). Having performed my Bachelor’s studies in Biotechnology at the University of [...]

Meet Our ESR – ESR 4 – Guillermo MARTINEZ CORRALES

Our serie of portraits continues with Guillermo who is joining Shireen Davies' team at University of Glasgow (UG)   "From 2007 to 2012, I studied for a Biology Licenciatura at the University of Barcelona. After this, I pursued a Master's degree in Genetics and Genomics, in the same university. During the final year of degree [...]